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Public Nudity

Spencer Tunick

The firm represented renowned photographer Spencer Tunick, who was repeatedly arrested during his efforts to photograph nude participants on New York City streets. All charges against Tunick were dismissed, and the firm obtained an Order from the federal court prohibiting the police from arresting Tunick or his models, or otherwise interfering with a photographic session during which a crowd of nearly 100 people would be photographed lying nude on a street in downtown Manhattan.

The firm also obtained a settlement on behalf of Tunick, and was awarded legal fees. Read more in the New York Times.

Tunick went on to become an internationally acclaimed artist, photographing installations with thousands of nude participants in various countries all over the world. To date, three HBO documentaries have featured Tunick and his work:  Naked States, Naked World and Positively Naked. VisitSpencer Tunick’s website to view some of his work.


Andy Golub

The firm defended body-painter/street artist Andy Golub, and some of his models, arrested for public lewdness during several exhibitions in which Golub painted nude models on the street in various locations throughout New York, including Times Square.

Read these articles to learn more: NBC New York and The Daily News.

Visit Andy Golub’s website to view his art.


Order In The Court

The firm defended Holly Van Voast, a photographer and nudity activist who was arrested for disrobing in Grand Central Station. Appearing on those charges, Van Voast gave a New York Supreme Court judge, and onlookers, a titillating performance when she removed her top in the courtroom.  Read about it in The Huffington Post.


Topless Mermaid

Criminal charges against a woman arrested for exposing her breasts at the 2001 Mermaid Parade were dismissed. The firm also obtained a settlement on the topless mermaid’s behalf. Read this New York Times article for more.


Naked Complaint Results in Dismissal of Charges

Read about how public indecency charges against a naked anti-war protestor were dismissed in this Gothamist article.